The Life and Work of Al Goodman

A celebration of his life in paintings and industrial design.

About Al Goodman

Al Goodman was born in Chicago in 1910. From a very young age, he was interested in almost all of the major arts. While studying at the prestigious Chicago Art Institute, he also took courses in architecture at the Armour Institute.

After college, and during The Great Depression, Goodman moved to Hollywood, California and became a set artist for Paramount studios. This move launched his 20-year career in the early movie industry. His notable movie credits included Dragonwyck, Quo Vadis?, Show Boat, Up in Central Park, Keys to The Kingdom and Anna and The King of Siam.

In the 1950s, Goodman became interested in the relatively new medium of Television and left the movie industry to become Head Art Director of ABC Television, Los Angeles. Goodman helped create many of the special effects and set design methods still being used today.